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We specialize in Abrasive Waterjet Cutting processes, using state-of-the-art CAD/CAM integrated waterjet technology to all materials. Take a tour of our machine shop.

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When abrasive is required, TECHNI Waterjet provides an abrasive unit consisting primarily of an abrasive hopper, an abrasive feeder system, a pneumatically controlled on/off valve, and the abrasive cutting nozzle which contains the specialized mixing chamber.

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hrinking an abrasive waterjet machine down to work at micro sizes is no small task. Adapting abrasive waterjets for micromachin- ing requires greatly reducing the size of the

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Waterjet garnet is sold commercially specifically for waterjetting—you can buy bags of waterjet garnet from suppliers. Abrasive usage. A waterjet will use from about 0.25 pound (0.1 kg) per minute to 2.0 pounds (1 kg) per minute depending on the pump and nozzle you are using.

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For KMT Waterjet pumps, cutting nozzles, abrasive transfer systems, aftermarket KMT Genuine Parts, and for complete waterjet machines, KMT Waterjet has global offices to assist you in your region. Contact us using the following form, or call us at 1-800-826-9274. The message will be forwarded to the local office which can provide the best support.


Omax Abrasive Waterjet Machines. OMAX Abrasive Waterjet machines are the ideal solution for ultra-precision in your waterjet machine. OMAX utilizes advanced high precision linear encoders, innovative vibration isolation, and proven software control systems, OMAX Abrasive Waterjet machine line is capable of a positioning accuracy of less than five microns while retaining all the advantages of .

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Jet Edge is a leading manufacturer of waterjet and abrasive waterjet cutting machines, intensifier pumps and accessories for precision water jet cutting, mobile waterjet cutting, surface preparation and coatings removal.

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Koike Aronson's abrasive waterjet machining abilities cuts Metals, Aluminum, Armor Plate, Brass, Carpet, Copper, Glass, Granite, Leather, Marble, Plastic, and..

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With the clamshell cover and submerged cutting, ProtoMAX is a safe and quiet (approx. 76 db) iteration of a light industrial abrasive waterjet. Start cutting parts right away Setting the machine up to cut and securing your material in place is quick and simple.

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Our Aqua Hornet 1000 water jet cutter provides state-of-the-art motion control and technology to meet all of your cutting needs. The CNC water jet machine has a modular design allowing for the widest range of configurations in the industry.

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"A machine like this is priceless to us. The waterjet is revolutionizing what we're trying to do as a motorcycle builder. It's much faster than machining, it's faster than doing it by hand, and it's fairly maintenance free.

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Every Omax Waterjet cutting machine comes with state of the industry engineering, outstanding software (including free lifetime upgrades), and a service and support commitment that is the envy of the water jet .

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Abrasive waterjet machines are susceptible to destroying themselves. Combine 50,000 pounds per square inch (PSI) of water pressure with abrasive, and any part of the system that comes in contact with either of these elements—or both—will need to be replaced at some point.

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Jun 21, 2013 · This video shows how to take a ready-to-go ORD file (preparation shown in separate video) and cut a part from steel sheet metal using the Omax abrasive waterjet cutter.

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A compact waterjet that provides affordable, professional-grade fabrication for every workshop.

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Abrasive water jet machines create extreme water pressure through the principle of forcing a large amount of water through a small hole. This concentrates a large amount of energy into a small area, which is then used to cut through various materials. The water is pressurized between 20,000 and 60,000 pounds per square inch (psi).

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Abrasive Waterjet Cutting. Robotic Abrasive Waterjet Cutting Systems supplied by Dynamic Robotic Solutions provide an efficient alternative to conventional machining methods such as sawing, shearing, punching and milling as well as thermal processes including laser and plasma cutting for deburring and cutting castings, forged parts and composite components.

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Waterjet abrasives are typically made of garnet, with grit size ranging from 50 to 220 mesh, though 80 is the most common. Many waterjet machines are capable of switching from pure waterjet cutting to abrasive waterjet cutting, making them uniquely versatile.

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Abrasive waterjets let you cut everything from metal to wood. But they also offer you the option of cutting your material out of the water or with the water raised to cover the machine head.

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Abrasive waterjet cutting The principle of abrasive waterjet cutting consists in spraying abrasive at a very high speed on the material to be cut. The water is compressed at 2000 to 4000 bars in order to propel the abrasive which will cut the most hard materials.

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Waterjet operators worldwide who are serious about waterjet cutting use GMA Waterjet Garnet, simply because it's the best. The most efficient abrasive for waterjet cutting available. GMA Garnet is one of the world's most efficient waterjet abrasives in terms of cutting speed, abrasive consumption and uninterrupted cutting.

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Abrasive waterjets are tools for cutting nearly any material into most any shape. While they are mostly used for 2D flat metal cutting, they are becoming increasingly used for more complex 3D shapes in 5 and 6 axis cutting. . Abrasive waterjet machines for sale;

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More Water Jet Machines For Sale: . As a leading high tech manufacturer of ultra high-pressure abrasive water jet cutting machines. Through dedicated research and development, our waterjet cutting machines are playing an important role in processing metal, steel, titanium, marble, stone, granite, glass, ceramic, plastic and composite .

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Abrasive - Waterjet Waterjet Parts We carry a large inventory of Waterjet replacement parts, consumables and accessories for Waterjet Machine manufacturers such as Accustream, Flow, Jet Edge, KMT, Omax, and WSI.

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EBTEC's waterjet facilities utilize three Abrasive Waterjet Cutting machines, all of which have an output of 55,000 psi. Each of these machines can operate as Waterjet cutting systems, or as Abrasive Waterjet Cutting Systems.

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Abrasive Waterjet Cutting. Waterjet cutting, uses a high-velocity, high pressure stream of water often combined with a powdered abrasive, such as garnet to increase cutting ability of various materials.

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Jet Edge is a leading manufacturer of ultra-high pressure waterjet technology. Our systems are used around the world in a broad range of industries, from the world's leading airlines to automotive, aerospace and industrial manufacturers, and machine and job shops.

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Abrasive water jet cutting, or abrasive jet machining, is a waterjet cutting process that involves the use of water mixed with abrasive materials. Examples of materials operators may use include garnet, diamond, and sand.

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What is an abrasive waterjet ? Abrasive or water only jet cutting machine uses the technology of high pressure water typically between 30,000 psi and 90,000 psi, to create extremely concentrated force to cut materials (wear by abrasion).

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We have worked a lifetime on your shop floor. AccuStream™ has been in the waterjet business from the beginning. Our founder is an industry pioneer, leading research and development on the first generations of high pressure intensifier pumps.