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Gold Mining Tax Formula South Africa

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The Witwatersrand Gold Rush was a gold rush in 1886 that led to the establishment of Johannesburg, South Africa.It was a key part of the Mineral Revolution.. There had always been rumours of a modern-day "El Dorado" in the folklore of the native tribes that roamed the plains of the South African highveld and in that of the gold miners who had come from all over the world to seek out their .

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Global Mining Review 2016 (pdf) - PwC

Exposed: Illegal Gold, Trade Mis-Invoicing And Tax Fraud .

A powerful 20 minute film just out from Carte Blanche, a major South African investigative news programme lifts the lid on the country's illegal mining sector. The film takes us on a journey where "poor, desperate people" brave gunmen to go underground to look for gold in atrocious conditions.

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Despite this abundance in natural mineral resources, South African mining faces a systemic crisis. Local gold production has collapsed from 605 tonnes in 1994 to 133 tonnes (22% of it) in 2014, despite a 218% boom in the gold price during this time and South African gold reserves still ranked No 1 internationally (by value US 151bn).

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AngloGold Ashanti, a gold-mining giant, last week announced plans to lay off 8,500 workers, a third of its South African workforce. At Sibanye, many of the zama-zamas are former miners who return .

The Taxation of South African Mining and Prospecting .

With regard to the taxation of mining and prospecting companies that are tax resident in South Africa and its Non-Tax resident shareholders this is arguably a half truth. What is certain is that they are subject to taxes.

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Major South African gold producers have among the weakest pretax profit margins in the industry. Harmony Gold, which gets more than 90% of its output from South Africa, keeps less than 10% of its sales as pretax profit, according to Thomson Reuters StarMine.

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The discovery of gold on the Witwatersrand in 1886 was a turning point in South African history. Far more than diamonds, this changed South Africa from an agricultural society to become the largest gold-producer in the world. Gold increased trade between South Africa and the rest of the world.


The gold formula is also designed to tax gold mines at an increasing marginal rate, depending on profitability, ensuring that the more profitable gold mines pay tax at a disproportionately high rate compared to other taxpayers.

Mining and tax in South Africa: Costs and benefits

However, South African mining companies enjoy generous tax treatment: they are able to deduct 100 per cent of much of their capital expenditures against tax while gold mining companies pay a corporation tax rate according to a formula that keeps remittances to government low.

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Mining Tax Formula South Africa - snmarketing. Mining Tax - PwC South Africa. Mining forms one of the leading industries in South Africa, playing a vital role in the economy. Due to the complexity of the South African tax laws and the impact .

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Mali is the third biggest producer of gold after South Africa and Ghana, with gold mines operated by multinational companies including Randgold Resources, Anglogold Ashanti, B2Gold and Resolute .

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The gold changed the face of the Transvaal. Before 1886 it had been a poor, struggling Boer republic but ten years later, it was the richest gold mining area in the world. As news of the gold find spread throughout South Africa and the rest of the world, men made their way to the Transvaal. They walked, the rode on horse back, or they came by .


THE ECONOMICS OF GOLD MINING TAXATION By KISMORE MANGONDO . The nature of the gold mining tax formula encourages the mining of marginal gold ores. Firms that are involved in the mining of gold are . 6.4.1 Categories of ring-fencing in the South African gold mining industry .89 Taxpayer ring-fencing .

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South African Taxation Highlights of the 2016/2017 budget 2 - 4 Calculation of tax payable 5 . The tax treatment of foreign pension funds of South African tax residents will also be reviewed. . other than certain gold mining companies and special entities referred to on this page

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Corporate income taxes, mining royalties and other mining .

South Africa 41 Tanzania 43 Ukraine 45 United Kingdom 46 . PwC Corporate income taxes, mining royalties and other mining taxes—2012 update 5 . steel manufacturing, gold and silver processing, certain brass, aluminium, zinc and nickel processing activities and quarrying of .

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Gold Mining in South Africa Gold has been mined in South Africa for more than 120 years, producing a cumulative total (to 2010) of about 51,200 tons,12 about 30 percent of the cumu-lative world production (to 2010) of 157,000 to 180,000 tons, about 85 percent of which remains in circulation.5 For several decades, South Africa was the largest

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(The 2007 gold mining formula was Y=45-225/X where Y is the percent tax payable and X is the ratio of mining profit, after the deduction of all mining capital expenditure, to revenue from mining .

The Role of Mining in the South African Economy

mining sectors to aggregate output in the South African economy, rather than with the aggregate volume of sales of the sector.4 Over the 1970-98 period, the proportional contribution of the mining sector to total value added in the South African economy has more than halved, declining from 21.3% in1970, to 9.9% of the private sector's GDPin 1998.

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Tax effect of SA gold mining formula the United Nations. . .Iron Oxide Pigments.Rare Earths Classification for Minerals and Part BSources of Reserves Data. A directoryRussia,South Africa,United Kingdom,Switzerland.TUNGSTEN. Contact US Chrome Ore,Chrome Recovery,Chrome Mineral,Chrome Mining.

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South Africa. Returns to mining activities in South Africa appear to have declined. Depletion of known reserves has become severe in long-established sections of the mining industry. Depletion particularly affects the traditional gold mining sector. Coal has become the leading mine product by value with iron ore possibly the most profitable.

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Detailed description of taxes on corporate income in South Africa . Special rates of normal tax, based on a standard formula, are prescribed for companies mining for gold. Companies mining for other minerals are subject to the same 28% rate of normal tax that applies to ordinary companies.

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Taxation in South Africa . Income tax in South Africa was first introduced in 1914 with the introduction of the Income Tax Act No 28, . 0.3% of the companies assessed- shrunk from 8.6% in 2006 to 5.7% in 2008 reflecting the declining importance of the mining sector to the South African .

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The author of Mining Tax in South Africa, Marius van Blerck, explains the rationale behind the introduction of s 36(7F) as follows: ' Until 1984, where a company owned more than one mine, unredeemed capital expenditure on one of the mines could be set off against mining .


Mining taxation — the South African context Economic Tax Analysis, August 2013 South Africa's mining industry has for many years been dominated by gold and coal mining. This has changed significantly over time owing to the decline in gold mining and the discovery of vast platinum reserves. Platinum is now the largest mining activity in the .

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In addition, the multipliers from today's higher-skilled mining jobs can be considerable. In South Africa, mining is estimated to support 1.4 million direct, indirect and induced jobs; each of these jobs is believed to support around nine dependents. In Ghana one direct mining position is estimated to support 28 other livelihoods and in Peru 19.

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By: Tracy Hancock 23rd November 2018 South Africa's mining safety statistics are commendable, but the same cannot be said for some of the mining jurisdictions in Africa, Mining Equipment .


THE NEW SOUTH AFRICAN MINERAL ROYALTY FORMULAE. WILL ALL MINERS BECOME REFINERS? PLATINUM CASE STUDY A research report submitted to the Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, in partial . 4.2 THE MPRRA AND SOUTH AFRICAN MINING INDUSTRY... 88 4.3 JUSTIFICATION FOR THE USE OF PLATINUM .

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To bring South Africa in line with prevailing international norms, the Department of Minerals and Energy promulgated the Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act, 2002 (MPRDA) in terms of which these resources are recognised as the common heritage of all the people of South Africa with the State as custodian thereof for the benefit of .